Systemctl – running tasks at boot on a Raspberry Pi

There are numerous ways to run programs or scripts at boot on Debian like *nix systems like the Raspberry Pi’s Raspbian. They include : rc.local – located at /etc/rc.local, a file that loads and executes commands at boot autostart desktop files – for when Raspbian boots into the Pixel Desktop systemd – these run as […]

Start to understand AWK the easy way

Many people are terrified by the AWK shell command, and using it to get the information they want as a string for use on perhaps a pi display device. I will try here to demystify AWK at the simplest of levels by using it to re-pose the release string on Raspbian Buster. On your pi […]

Command to switch running service

If you have a Raspberry Pi and a project in a box that has buttons and perhaps a screen displaying something that runs from a system daemon , you might benefit from being able to switch the output of the display from one desired output to another. For example – I have a music player […]

SFTP or SSH as root on Raspberry Pi

Login to your pi as normal via SSH and edit your SSH Configuration with the following sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config Find the line that reads as follows (line 32) #PermitRootLogin prohibit-password Un-comment this line and change the option to “yes” by making the line now read as follows : PermitRootLogin yes Now reboot your pi and […]