Live PMS5003 Feed

Here we have, a set of PMS 1.0, 2.5 & 10 particulate matter data being uploaded from an ESP8266 to Thingspeak and fed directly back into Mission accomplished.

Systemctl – running tasks at boot on a Raspberry Pi

There are numerous ways to run programs or scripts at boot on Debian like *nix systems like the Raspberry Pi’s Raspbian. They include : rc.local – located at /etc/rc.local, a file that loads and executes commands at boot autostart desktop files – for when Raspbian boots into the Pixel Desktop systemd – these run as […]

Start to understand AWK the easy way

Many people are terrified by the AWK shell command, and using it to get the information they want as a string for use on perhaps a pi display device. I will try here to demystify AWK at the simplest of levels by using it to re-pose the release string on Raspbian Buster. On your pi […]

Command to switch running service

If you have a Raspberry Pi and a project in a box that has buttons and perhaps a screen displaying something that runs from a system daemon , you might benefit from being able to switch the output of the display from one desired output to another. For example – I have a music player […]

SFTP or SSH as root on Raspberry Pi

Login to your pi as normal via SSH and edit your SSH Configuration with the following sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config Find the line that reads as follows (line 32) #PermitRootLogin prohibit-password Un-comment this line and change the option to “yes” by making the line now read as follows : PermitRootLogin yes Now reboot your pi and […]

Disable MacOS auto connect for Bluetooth audio

Are you annoyed by the fact that whenever it takes it’s fancy, your Mac connects to any receptive and paired Bluetooth speaker or headphones ? Well fear not ! The solution is just a terminal command away : sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DontPageAudioDevices 1 Happy silence to you !