Strict Standards ExtPlorer

I had a fun Saturday morning. For the first time in a while I opened up Admin on a Joomla Site running 3.x. I was greeted by an update to 3.1, followed by an update to 3.1.1. I’d only entered admin to have a look to see if I could finally get ExtPlorer working as I was getting Strict Standards errors when trying to open the component. Having updated Joomla to 3.1.1 I was greeted by some database errors which were easily fixed; worse than that however was the fact that Joomla itself was right royally knackered. I couldn’t save an article. The long and short of it is that I ended up unzipping a fresh stable update (the download you get without the installation folder) over my sites root to get Joomla running as it should again.

Moreover the fact of the matter – how do you get ExtPlorer running on a server such as 1and1’s when you are getting Strict Standards errors ? I read the advice at OS Training and solved my problem but I found it a bit cryptic. So here’s my instructions :

  • FTP into your server and navigate to your Joomla installations “Administrator” folder
  • Create a file called php.ini
  • Put just one line in it reading “display_errors = Off”
  • Save the file
  • Smile, since ExtPlorer is now working.

I had a right stressy Saturday morning, but came out the other end shall we say relieved and enriched.