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Over time we have to review what we are into and out of, and I get many emails through from XDA regarding mainly the Disgo 9104 tablet for which I produced a small script which uploaded the Playstore to a non Playstore device. For whatever reason I don’t support this […]

Disgo Devices and Me

I was hesitant in purchasing the official dock for the surface pro 3 due to the fact I wanted it to charge my phone and tablet (and even smart watch) whilst the surface itself was switched off. GOOD NEWS!!! When the surface itself is switched off any other USB devices […]

Surface Pro 3 Dock Charging

I had a fun Saturday morning. For the first time in a while I opened up Admin on a Joomla Site running 3.x. I was greeted by an update to 3.1, followed by an update to 3.1.1. I’d only entered admin to have a look to see if I could […]

Strict Standards ExtPlorer