Let’s Get Retarded

Why hesitate? Why wonder?

Developing in our Android world means a great deal to a great number of people. Having the balls to install the SDK on your machine for the first time, replacing versions of wget, and nailing the living daylights out of adb shell with masses of files accumulating in chaos in what used to be a tidy directory. It’s part of what its all about.

With a very strong background in device development, and historically the long term leader in producing the fastest rom’s for the Google Nexus S as can be witnessed from the extremely comprehensive thread over at XDA Developers. With a little scripting knowledge we can change the way devices behave, add the Google Play Store to devices that just don’t have it and so on.

Presently wildestpixel.co.uk hosts scripts on XDA Developers which install the Play Store onto the Disgo 8104 and 9104. With devices such as the busbi 7, disgo 9000, disgo 8400g etc. coming onto the market with Play Store already installed there’s no need to do this for these models. As we are seeing devices everywhere now with the Play Store for whatever reason it does mean that further development of such kits isn’t needed any longer, so I suppose it gives me time for something else! For the past couple of months I’ve been looking at some Qualcomm based stuff, which will lead to something quite exciting for sure – anyone with the dev SDK and board for the Snapdragon S4 plus can get into the source and goodies for qualcomm which ultimately means great things for everyone. A bit cryptic I know, but it will all un-ravel. Looking further into 2013 I have a few projects to get my teeth into, design wise, music wise and code wise. As in the past my work around wildestpixel.co.uk was mainly a repository for ROM and MOD downloads for the Nexus S, and I’ve since stripped it back to barely nothing, you can be sure to see it blossom this spring as bits and pieces of the work I’m doing from many angles get published.

Let’s have a great year!